December 02, 2022,

Woodward Reaches 1 Million Safe Working Hours

Working Safe, Building Strong for 1 Million Hours.

This month, Woodward surpassed 1 million hours worked without a lost time or recordable injury. We are extremely proud of our stringent safety program, which is made possible through the enduring commitment to safety by our superintendents, project teams, and Safety Director Jerry Arnold.

A key factor in Woodward’s success is our culture of safety. Our employees and trade partners have each other’s backs. We cultivate a safety culture by ensuring everyone on our jobsites has the power and responsibility to promote, correct and enforce our safety standards. We also provide our employees with the best training possible to prepare them for everyday work hazards associated with construction.

In celebration of this important milestone, President Ken Flower issued the following statement to Woodward employees: “The success of our safety program would not be possible without each of you, and this milestone is proof of the determination and commitment to working safely that our superintendents and project teams show every day.

Reaching 1 million safe working hours is a huge accomplishment that deserves to be celebrated yet we know it is not the pinnacle of Woodward’s safety goals. With our team’s ongoing commitment to safety and to each other, we will continue to hit these important milestones. Above all, we will continue to ensure every person working on a Woodward project goes safely home to their families at the end of the workday.”