February 01, 2023,

Woodward Celebrates Field Promotions

Woodward is proud to kick off the new year with these promotional achievements of our construction field staff.

Woodward is proud to kick off the new year with these promotional achievements.

Chris DuSaules, Superintendent

Chris DuSaules has been in our field operations since his first summer as a field helper. In this time, he’s become an integral part of our most complex structural projects, including The Odeon at South Market District, the RTA Canal Street Ferry Terminal, and Tulane’s Student Housing Redevelopment. This tech-savvy super is STSC-certified and always looking for ways to be more efficient in the field, and we are proud to see him grow to the Superintendent position. Sr. Superintendent Wayne Middleton comments, “Having worked with Chris firsthand on the South Market projects, I had a chance to see him grow into his now deserved position as Superintendent. Chris has always strived to be better each day learning whatever he could to help him grow gaining experience and knowledge. I think Chris enjoys the challenges that he’s been faced with and has looked at each with a can-do attitude. He exemplifies our core values and will be around for a long time.”

Tyler White, Superintendent

Tyler White has been promoted to Superintendent. Tyler joined Woodward in 2017 and has quickly made a positive impact in the field. He obtained his Safety Trained Supervisor Construction (STSC) certification and applies his training to every project he leads. Tyler’s experience includes the $90 million LSU Health and Science Center’s MEB/CSRB Addition, the new home for Faubourg Brewery,  and multiple projects on the New Orleans Saints and Pelicans campus. Todd Pierce, Sr. Superintendent, shares, “Tyler brings positivity to the team, the site, and any challenges that arise. Tyler is deserving of this promotion because he embraces challenges with a team spirit, rolls up his sleeves and gets to work!  It was a pleasure having Tyler on the jobsite.”


Al Edwards, Senior Superintendent

Al Edwards has served at Woodward for over 12 years and remains an integral part of our field leadership. We are proud to announce his promotion to Senior Superintendent. His project experience includes transformational projects like the South Market District development, and major campus projects like Flower Hall at Tulane, and the New Orleans Pelicans Training Facility. Wayne Middleton, Sr. Superintendent, reflects on Al’s achievement by noting, “I was fortunate enough to interview and hire Al. Al impressed me from the start, and I knew he represented everything Woodward looks for in a leadership position. His work ethic is second to none and he exemplifies our core values. He doesn’t complain, he just gets the job done. One of Al’s biggest attributes is his ability to create teams that work together in harmony. I have yet to hear of any worker, subcontractor, or owner that hasn’t enjoyed working with Al. I remind Al often that when I hired him, I told him that he was going to make a big difference in Woodward’s future, and he has proven me right every day.”


Billy Tamplain, Senior Superintendent

After 10 years of service to Woodward, Billy Tamplain has been promoted to Senior Superintendent. Billy has served as a trusted field leader on some of Woodward’s most significant projects. He is currently directing field execution on Tulane University’s Student Housing Redevelopment, and prior to this delivered The Julia at St. Charles, Benson Tower redevelopment and was instrumental on multiple phases of the Iberville Housing Redevelopment. Grant Alexander, Project Executive, comments, “Billy is an incredible team member that embodies each of Woodward’s core values, but two stand out.  His determination to overcome the challenges and ability to emphasize teamwork are second to none.”