June 21, 2022,

Summer Safety Notice: Heat Illness Prevention

Heat advisories rise in New Orleans and South Louisiana.

In a response to recent heat advisories in Southern Louisiana, Woodward will be permanently relaxing the requirements for a Hi-Vis Class 2 Type PPE Apparel during construction activities on all our jobsites and divisions. This adjustment in required PPE will take place immediately. Woodward is requiring the following to take place:

– The use of Hi-Vis Class 2 Type PPE Apparel will still be required for traffic control and work conducted on a public road.

-Notify our employee and subcontractors, that a Hi-Vis fluorescent type of shirt/jacket will  be required in lieu of a Hi-Vis Class 2 Type PPE Apparel, unless a requirement is set forth by a site-specific safety plan.

-Acceptable Hi-Vis fluorescent colors: Green, Yellow, Lime Green, Orange.

-Launch this new change to the PPE requirements in the weekly sub meeting.

-Each jobsite will discuss and document Heat Illness prevention at each weekly sub meeting from June through September.

-A jobsite stand-down on Heat Illness Prevention will be required to take place June 27th through July 1st.

-JHA’s will need to add Heat Prevention as a hazard (Daily).

-Each Superintendent will include Heat Prevention in their weekly safety inspection. (Document good practices such as use of shade, water abundance, breaks out of sun, change of work schedule, etc.)

-All Superintendents need to monitor and discuss the heat index daily and address hazards accordingly. You can download the OSHA -NIOSH App called “Heat Safety Tool” to achieve this or use a preferred website.

-Each jobsite will also receive an OSHA poster for Heat Prevention to post in a highly visible area.

In conclusion, the adjustment to the requirement of this type of Hi-Vis PPE will hopefully reduce the heat burden for our employees as well as our subcontractors. OSHA has established a National Emphasis Program that will create inspections based on a heat index of 80 degrees (Which is easily achieved in Louisiana). This program has an effective date of April 8,2022.