Our specialized groups provide Woodward Design+Build with an intimate understanding of all phases of the building process and the in-house resources to meet any need quickly, efficiently and with an unsurpassed level of accountability to clients.


For over 95 years, Woodward has served as not just a builder, but a trusted preconstruction partner to clients, architects, and engineers. Collaboration is our culture, problem-solving is our passion, and we believe success is best enjoyed as a team.

Our pre-construction services clear the path for successful project execution from the earliest stages. Our collaborative approach draws on Woodward’s unique strengths and diverse resources, while ensuring that all team members share a unified vision for your project.

Woodward can deploy our pre-construction services at any point in a client’s development process. From investigative research for a concept, to developing a program, or collaborating with your preferred designer to finalize construction documents; our services are flexible, our resource offerings are diverse, and solutions are focused around what is important to you.


Working under the same roof as builders, Woodward Design Group offers our clients that unique blend of conceptual architecture with a practical, technical approach to their projects.

Woodward Design Group is comprised of highly technical architectural and design professionals who are inspired by architectural design and thrive on the challenges of the built environment. Our Design Group is flexible and serve in a variety of different capacities.  The may serve as Architect of Record, driving the design and delivering the clients vision, or they may collaborate with outside architecture firms offering support services to help deliver the design. Whatever the capacity, our staff pride themselves in assuring the projects our clients undertake are fundamentally sound from the start and fully meet their needs and expectations when complete.


Great buildings are only as good as the system that supports them. Woodward Engineering Group delivers thorough structural engineering and design for foundations and structural systems as detailed as the buildings that complete them.

Woodward Engineering Group is comprised of highly skilled, and forward-thinking staff that infuses each project with quality and integrity from the earliest stages. This flexible team can serve client’s structural engineering needs independently, directly with Woodward operations teams and outside architecture firms, or together with Woodward’s full team of capable divisions.

Woodward Engineering Group’s professionals are equally skilled in both traditional building methods and in the application of cutting-edge techniques and materials using Virtual Design and Construction capabilities.

Our Virtual Design and Construction capabilities feature advanced, computer-aided design techniques to support projects during the preconstruction phase as well as throughout construction . For instance, using Building Information Modeling (BIM) systems, our people create three-dimensional models of projects, which help fully envision the finished product and are useful in identifying potential issues and their solutions. This approach adds enormous value by preventing expensive and time-consuming delays in the field and it contributes to the overall successful of projects. Our Virtual Design and Construction teams also make use of Woodward’s BIMnasium, a room specially designed for virtual coordination.

Construction Management

With a variety of delivery methods tailored to client needs, we work smarter to avoid mistakes, drive down costs and deliver successful projects time and again.


No other process ensures speed of schedule and accuracy of pricing as the design-build method. And Woodward’s had over 95 years of perfecting our approach.

Design+Build is our comprehensive approach combining design and construction. This mobilizes all of our strengths for a particular project and simplifies the experience for clients by providing one point of contact and accountability. Our approach leverages the power of our in-house design and in-house construction expertise, providing a valuable understanding of cost, schedule and scope of work early in the process.


Experience the many of the benefits of our preconstruction services while we collaborate with your designers of choice throughout the design process.

While serving clients in the design-assist role, our experienced preconstruction professionals offer review, coordination, management, quality control and compliance services for projects where other firms are responsible for primary engineering and design.

Construction Management (At Risk)

We work in close collaboration with the design firm to ensure your projects success from pre-construction to closeout.

Through the Construction Management at Risk approach, or CM at risk, we act as general contractor during construction work with other job participants, we assume responsibility for subcontracting the work, and we guarantee completion of the project. This method is a unique way to access the vast and varied construction management experience Woodward Design+Build has gained during many years as a leader in the field.

General Contracting

We are driven by executional excellence. Focusing on safety, quality and project controls.

As one of the region’s leading builders, Woodward Design+Build offers the full range of general construction capabilities. In addition to the support and resources provided by our many other in-house groups, we offer clients a highly-trained, safety-oriented workforce, strong relationships with the area’s best subcontractors, extensive experience in both negotiated and bid projects, and a tradition of quality dating back nine decades.

Development Support

The nature of our integrated design and construction services lends itself to the earliest stages of property development. Our ability to intuit complex considerations from regulatory and financial to market demand and retention helps clients and developers as they navigate their real estate and property development decisions.

Real Estate

Whether it is your first property acquisition or adding to a well-rounded portfolio, Woodward routinely provides insight and expertise to assist developers in streamlining the decision-making process to help discern the feasibility on a given piece of real estate.

  • Site Selection and Evaluation
  • Traffic Studies
  • Environmental Analysis
  • Zoning and Approvals
  • Build-to-Suit Assessment
  • Project Feasibility Analysis


Pre-Development Design and Construction Support

As you embark on the exciting yet challenging venture of developing your property, there are various factors that could affect its successful realization. Woodward assists in minimizing risk, anticipating challenges, and providing accurate inputs for your financial model to ensure you have the most information to make the best-informed decision.

  • Master Planning and Visioning
  • Regulatory Approvals and Code Compliance
  • Conceptual Construction Cost Opinions
  • Program Analysis
  • Occupancy Analysis
  • Parking Analysis


Community Outreach and Engagement

When considering new developments, it is critical to understand its acceptance in the community. Leveraging our experience, relationships, and generations of service to our area, Woodward provides community-focused activities to achieve a long-standing development asset.

  • Community Outreach and Engagement Meetings
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Opportunities


The ability to bring architectural details to life takes skill. The ability to produce these details on a large scale takes innovation.

Woodward Millwork Group is the leading provider of custom millwork in our region, enriching the largest projects with the quality of master craftsmanship.  Operating out of their 24,000-square-foot Northshore facility, they combine the skillful techniques of their master craftsmen with state-of-the-art equipment to handle everything from standard casework, to historic restoration and large scale custom designs.

While our facility is complete with advanced equipment, the heart of our operation remains our team of craftsmen. Our most experienced employees come to each project with a wealth of knowledge built over decades in the business, and they pass along their expertise to those following in their footsteps.

Woodward Millwork Group’s portfolio ranges from the duplication of historic millwork to the largest fabrication projects for hotels and institutions. Whether working as part of one of our integrated Design+Build projects or contracted by other firms for individual millwork jobs, they pride themselves at on delivering consistent excellence in quality and craftsmanship.


Experienced builders know that framing your structure is a critical milestone of your project. Our Steel Group rises to the challenge, with a reputation as strong as the structures we build.

Woodward Steel Group offers a wide array of services from structural steel erection, pre-cast and tilt-up erection, sheet metal fabrication and installation, to complete steel building systems, including our over 60 year relationship with Butler Manufacturing.

When clients work with Woodward Steel Group, you can count on our decades of experience, reliability and the integrity of a proven leader in the field. We bring state-of-the-art equipment and industry-best techniques to every job. We staff our jobs with committed professionals who benefit from specialized and ongoing training, where our work is performed under stringent controls and safety procedures.

We are proud of our reputation, of our achievements and especially of the satisfaction that motivates our clients to entrust us with their next project. That has long been the Woodward advantage, and our commitment to that tradition is built into our every job.

Disaster Recovery

Being from Southeast Louisiana, we are no strangers to hurricanes or catastrophic weather events. Woodward can adapt our many design and construction services to fit your specific needs and help your business reopen safely.

Disaster Recovery

Woodward’s depth of resources, materials, equipment and manpower allow us to expertly respond in times of crisis. Our disaster recovery teams consist of project management, field supervision, foremen, and skilled laborers who provide services in an efficient and professional manner, always with the highest level of safety.