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Xavier University Legacy Buildings

Woodward entrusted with major design-build facility improvement project on Xavier’s campus.

The Xavier Legacy Buildings project involved major interior and exterior improvements to four historic buildings on campus. The Music Hall restoration included roof level improvements, major exterior improvements like metal window restoration, and interior renovation work like new ceilings, plaster restoration, millwork restoration, new flooring. The Convent Building received a new roof, structural improvements, and new mechanical equipment and piping. The Annex Building, which houses Xavier administrative personnel, received roof level improvements, major exterior renovations like its wood window restoration, and interior improvements such as new ceilings, plaster restoration, millwork restoration, new flooring.

The Administrative Building, standing three stories and 55,251 square feet, received the most restorative work. Working from the third floor to the first, the interior efforts included repairs and renovations to the MEP system and piping, plaster repairs, and new paint and finishes. Exterior envelope restoration included door and window rehabilitation, masonry tuckpointing, and new glass, glazing, caulking, and painting of windows. The roof level activities included roof removal/replacement in select areas, setting of new mechanical equipment, and lighting.

This restoration project totaled to 89,402 square feet and involved four “legacy” buildings on Xavier’s campus. The design-build project was completed 20 days ahead of schedule and was delivered in partnership with Trapolin-Peer Architects. In addition to the wonderful improvements this project made to Xavier students and faculty, it also impacted the local business community. Woodward is proud to have awarded over $7 million (31% of the total contract) to disadvantaged businesses in the community.

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Architecture, Construction Management, Education, Engineering, Historic Restoration, Millwork, Pre-construction, Steel


Xavier University




August 2023


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