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RTA Canal Street Ferry Terminal

Constructed in 1925, the original Canal Street Ferry Terminal has ushered riders across the Mississippi River for 90 years.

In an effort to spur economic growth, enhance the pedestrian experience and increase ridership, the RTA and the City of New Orleans prompted the reconfiguration of this important Ferry Terminal.

Looking forward, the new concept of the terminal is a pedestrian-focused operation, removing vehicular traffic transportation from service. The associated structure, wharf, and vehicle loading dock are also barriers to the vision of a pedestrian centered Riverfront and will be removed.

The new, modern, smaller terminal will accommodate RTA’s new passenger-only ferries. This project improves the safety by reconfiguring the terminal, providing ADA access for the terminal’s pedestrian bridge over the railroad tracks, instituting single-level ferry boarding, adding new lighting, and removing barriers to pedestrian connectivity. The facility footprint allows for a wharf infill to create a seamless walkway between the Aquarium of the Americas on one side and the Spanish Plaza and World Trade Center on the other. The project includes the construction of a bus stop at the foot of Canal Street to provide a better multi-modal transit connectivity for RTA’s customers.

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Summer 2023