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New Orleans Saints Training Facility

In preparation for the 2018 Football Season, Woodward returned as the design-builder to complete renovations and expand the training room, hydro therapy area, and player shower areas.

Features for the enhanced training facility include renovation of the treatment and taping areas, recovery area and shower areas. The addition of a float tank acts as a sleep pod, giving players restful relaxation in one hour versus 3-4 hours of sleep. There is also a cryogenic chamber for cold therapy, which helps speed up recovery. And lastly, the most impressive feature, is the hydrotherapy area. This retractable pool contains cameras at five different angles allowing players and therapist to view and analyze lower body injuries. The field team worked tirelessly in a compressed schedule to complete these modifications around player training schedules, and had the facility fully complete prior to the start of the pre-season games.
Woodward Millwork Group manufactured and installed all cabinetry in the facility.

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August 2018