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Dependable Storage

This project was new construction of a 4-story self-storage facility located on 2.9 acres in Baton Rouge.

Each of the four floors was just over 31,000 square feet, with 8 slab pours over 15,000 square feet each. This project benefitted from panelized wall sections, which were completed in 20 foot sections offsite before being delivered and installed on the project.

In addition to the climate-controlled storage units, Woodward built a first floor reception area and second floor administrative offices for Dependable Storage. Construction included excavation, embankment and concrete pavement. Storm water is collected on site in subsurface storm drain pipes and detention ponds and discharged into the existing public right of way located on Burbank Dr. Site improvements were made through grassing and landscaping.

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Dependable Storage




May 2019