May 25, 2022,

Milestone Anniversaries Celebrated at Annual Company Meeting

Celebrating the milestone years of service of our dedicated employees in 2022.

On Friday, May 20, Woodward held its annual spring company meeting where we honored those employees reaching their milestone anniversaries. Individuals receiving this recognition include:

F I V E  Y E A R S

Scott Buhler, Adriana Castro, Riley Kennedy, Hunter Thibodaux, Amanda Winters, Rebecca Barth, Paul Loftus, Jay Hernandez, Sean Tynan, Morgan Rongey, Mike Hemstad, Charlie Rucker, Tyler White, Michael Hicks, Phillip Koster, Jacob Moreno, Luis Rodriguez, Kate Harrison, and Cesar Munguia

T E N  Y E A R S

Don Fant, Frank Lauricella, David Neames, Justin Veitch

F I F T E E N  Y E A R S

Ross Blanchard, Josh Gautreau, Lane Louque, Sharon Sanders, Mike Walls

T W E N T Y  Y E A R S

Bob Dowty and Al Heirsch

T W E N T Y  F I V E  Y E A R S

Benjamin Carter, John Eichensehr, Sammy Sparacello

T H I R T Y  Y E A R S

Roger Jackson