March 15, 2023,

Breaking Ground at CrescentCare MidCity

Woodward is proud to announce the groundbreaking of the CrescentCare MidCity project.

The project is a renovation of the historic building located at 2515 Canal Street in Mid-City. This new location for CrescentCare will feature a healthcare clinic and adjacent parking. The clinic will further CrescentCare’s mission of providing essential medical and social services to the community.

CrescentCare is a nonprofit healthcare service dedicated to providing quality healthcare to our New Orleans area community. Gulf Coast Housing Partnership, the development partner in this project, works to develop both commercial and residential properties that enrich neighborhoods with new amenities while respecting the uniqueness of the surrounding area. This collaboration will enable CrescentCare to expand its reach and provide much-needed healthcare services in the Mid-City area. Woodward is expected to complete construction in early 2024.