March 22, 2023,

Internship Program

Welcome to Woodward University, where we offer a variety of opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience in their desired fields.

Woodward’s paid internship program is an excellent way for aspiring architects, engineers, and construction professionals to learn more about their chosen career path. With our program, you get the opportunity to work alongside industry professionals, gaining valuable knowledge and skills that can help you excel in your future endeavors. Interns will be paired with a manager-mentor who will help each intern set goals for the summer and will be in charge of providing hands-on experience, as well as assigning tasks and responsibilities. With the guidance of experienced industry professionals, Woodward University interns are well-prepared for their careers after graduation.


Our Internship programs consist of: 


Orientation introduces you to the company values, internship roles, and the company’s system & policies.


You will be assigned to a one-on-one mentorship with a leader to help guide you through your internship in the workplace culture and in your studies.

Activity Days

Five different “Lunch N’ Learn” activities that encourage professional growth.


At the end of your internship you and your mentor will elevate your progress throughout the program to ensure you grow professionally and build on existing skills.


You are given the opportunity to show off all you have learned and experience through your internship at Woodward.


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